TERESIA Cosmetic Products for Skin Care & Beauty

TERESIA Cosmetic Products for Skin Care & Beauty




What every woman in the world desires for her skin is the peach-colored,

fresh and plump skin of her youth.

Tersia Cosmetics, which contains the wishes of these women,

expresses the logo in pink. We are praying for fresh and supple skin.

Because it decorates a woman with fresh and healthy beautiful skin with a ribbon,

While expressing the joy of using Tersia cosmetics,

It was designed with the meaning of forming a consensus with everyone who uses it.

The skin healing natural cosmetic Tercia is what every woman in the world wants.

Because it realizes the peach-colored fresh and plump skin of a girl’s day

It is a brand that wants to express not only inner beauty but also mentally strong beauty.



MBL’s brand mark conveys that it is a moisturizing cosmetic brand.

MBL’s products provide customers with the Most Beautiful Life.

Designed to convey a heart that can live


Teresia products contain natural vegetable ingrdients.

Sensitive and sensitive skin can also be used without worry.

Teresia collagen ampoule does not use harmful ingredients on

the skin using only high–quality raw material with natural ingredients.


POINT 01. Natural organic ingredients

natural collagen and natural ingredients to help your skin calm down.



POINT 02. Soft type collagen cream!

soft gel type of text, it is absorbed into the skin

POINT 03. 7 free prescription

Benzophenon, Sulphate, Fluorescent Amplifier, Silicon, MHT,

CMIT, MIT, etc. have not added harmful ingredients to the skin.

About Our Brand, TERESIA

TERESIA, our brand, offers a range of high-quality products, including cleansing foam, hand cream, and mask packs.

We are proud to announce that TERESIA products are now available in 17 duty-free shops.

Our commitment is to consistently deliver the utmost satisfaction to our valued customers by providing products of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

Country of Manufacture

Made in Korea


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