Import and Export​

Overseas Import and Export

For Your Export From Korea

We throughly analyze the latest trends in the international market and apply for export of excellent domestically produced products that meet the needs.

We continuously monitoring various global market trends for the export products selected by our company and perform market analysis by each regional and industry respectively.

Based on these points, we identify which korean cultural industry products are most in demand and competitive in the international market.

Additionally, the local market’s legal regulations cultural characteristics, economical situations also be included for the targeted export market strategy.

The selected products are export utilize our global network to successfully introduce and promote them in the international market.

This network includes local professional expertized organizations and collaboration partners connected in the field in various countries and regions.

Through this process, we establish effective plans for product localization, marketing, sales and distribution.

Our work area is not limited to this, and we provide a variety of support to strengthen the export capabilities of domestic companies.

This includes compliance with export related laws and regulations, infra-structure construction, quality control, logistics and transportation, knowledge and technology transfer.

In addition, we provide education and training programs to improve the capabilities of domestic companies.

Through these comprehensive approach, domestic companies will be able to successfully enter the international export market and continuously improve their export capabilities through business collaboration and role sharing with our company.

For Your Import To Korea

We actively utilize our global network and various partnerships to secure stable and reliable import channels for domestic companies.

Through this way, we help domestic companies safely import raw materials, parts, products, technologies or related business assets necessary for their business.
Establishing a global network :
We build and maintain a trade business network in various countries and regions.
These networks enable local market research, understanding of local business culture and regulations and close collaboration with local partners.

Reliable partnership :
To provide stable import channels, we work with reliable local and international partners.

Through this consultation process, we optimize the import process to ensure supply chain transparency, quality control, price negotiation, and delivery at the required shipping time.

Professional consulting and solutions :
We provide professional advice and solutions in the field of import trading for domestic companies.

Risk management and After management :
We anticipate risks and problems that may arise during the import process and develop plans to prepare for them.
In addition, we minimize damages and disputes that may arise after import, such as violations of contract terms and scope and product defects, and ensure normal business continuity.

Minimize costs :
To minimize import related costs, we consider most efficient logistics and transportation methods, develop customs benefits and exchange rate management strategies.
Through our these trials, domestic companies realize sustainable income at reduced costs.

Through this comprehensive approach, domestic companies working with us will secure stable and reliable import channels and become business partners with us to support business growth.

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