CHAOS Dental Sanitary Breath Mask

CHAOS Dental Sanitary Breath Mask




USD11.50 / case

MOQ 1,000 cases, 100,000pcs (100pcs/case)

The patented chaos mask combines the same filter and non-slip standardized with nonwoven fabric as the dental mask to adhere to the back of the nose.This is a safe mask that does not cause ear pain and does not deviate 100% from the respiratory even if worn for a long time using, the face structure analysis coefficient method, and has been registered as a Korean patent and applied for a global patent.


Even if you wear a mask and talk for a long time

① It doesn’t flow down

② It doesn’t hurt your ears and it’s easy to wear

③ It blocks the steam (glasses, goggles, etc.)

④ It solves the problem of throwing away the fabric It is a product with safety, comfort, and efficiency



Chaos’s dental mask have various functions. First, it prevents the mask from flowing down the nose and perfectly blocks the breath mist the glasses. Also, it covers all over the face so that prevent leakage through the cheek. Moreover, it forms a space like an igloo, so the mask doesn’t touch the lips, attaching the mask to the face with just the earring.


Everyone can easily put on and off Chaos’s mask with this details of how-to-use.



Size width : 18cm height : 9.5cm


Non-slip Height

Large : 4cm Medium : 3.5cm Small : 2.5~3cm
  Patent: European Application No. : 21903624.1 (203.4.27)_ U.S. Application No.: 18/035305 (2023.5.4)_ Japanese Application No.: 特願 2003-527984 (2023.5.2)_China Application No.: 124577_Vietnam Application No. : 1-2023-03603((2923. 6.2) Trademark : European application number: 018875126 (203.5.15)_ US application number: 97/938,940 (2023.5.16)_ Japanese application number: 2003-051321 (2023.5.12)_ China: 71986645 (23.6.2 _ Vietnam) Application number: 4-2023-19284((2923. 5.15)

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