Our one another company AROSRED Co.” is                                                                                                                                                                  Asia Exclusive of NOVARA COCCIA Theater, Italy.

Seong-hwa Hong, CEO of AROSRED Co.,Ltd. is majored in classical vocal music at Seoul National University’s College of Music and then a lot of experienced in the field and training future generations worked in various art associations and organizations in Europe, focusing on Italy. Based on this background, AROSRED Co.,Ltd was established with the aim of international cultural exchange, global network establishment, international cultural and arts planning.

Especially, as the exclusive agency in Asia for the Associazione Artistico Culturale Italiana I.V.T.C, an affiliated organization of UNESCO’s International European Music Commission, and the Fondazione Teatro Coccia di Novara, Italy. AROSRED Co.,Ltd. contributes to the development of the cultural and arts industry. We provide solutions to a variety of value creating projects, collaborates with partner institutions, so that consistently expands into international network through diverse projects.

We, AROSRED Co.,Ltd. will do best for our culture and arts industry by continuing more creative development Global Marketing in the related field consulting.

Global Cultural Exchange Platform for Asian and European Theater
The Novara coccia Theater in Italy is a traditional theater in the Piedmont region, one of the most active in Italy, and is a global theater that hosts about 120 to 130 different performances per season, including opera performances, ballet, musicals, theater, classical and jazz concerts.

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