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We present a new perspective on smart factory with AI.

Introducing a Fresh Perspective on the Smart Factory Powered by AI

We are proud to unveil a groundbreaking approach to the concept of a smart factory, one that is seamlessly integrated with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence. At the forefront of artificial intelligence inspection facilities, AIM proudly spearheads the revolution in AI deep learning inspection technology, ushering it from the realm of mere concept to the heart of manufacturing and production processes. Our mission is clear: to craft the Smart Factory of Tomorrow, MOAI, a hybrid vision system that seamlessly combines the precision of established rules with the power of AI-driven innovation. This results in AI smart factory solutions that not only revolutionize production but also provide unparalleled vision standardization across every facet of your operation.

When you partner with AIM, you’re not just selecting a technology provider; you’re choosing a guarantee of excellence. Our commitment to delivering a high-quality smart factory is underscored by a wealth of accumulated knowledge and technology, recognized and endorsed by the industry-standard SDC (Smart Factory Data Consortium). But we don’t stop at the present; AIM is firmly focused on the future. We are dedicated to forging strategic partnerships with the foremost domestic and international vendors, each an exemplar of technological prowess in their respective domains. Through these collaborations, we are resolute in our mission to construct an efficient and dependable smart factory, one that is customized to your unique needs and specifications.

Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve is unwavering, and we encourage domestic and foreign executives, as well as employees from thriving global corporations and cutting-edge R&D centers, to stay attuned to the ever-evolving trends in manufacturing. Together, we can harness AIM’s manufacturing capabilities to elevate your competitive edge, ensuring that your journey into the future of smart manufacturing is not only satisfying but also supremely successful.


In the realm of a secure and highly productive smart factory, AI is the domain of repetitive tasks, leaving the enjoyable and creative work to human ingenuity.

AIM’s overarching vision is rooted in the pursuit of a society where the synergy between AI and humanity harmoniously coexists. Our extensive track record in crafting environments that foster such harmony underscores our unwavering belief that this vision is not only attainable but essential. We are steadfast in our commitment to be catalysts in shaping a society that strikes a delicate equilibrium between AI and human capabilities, particularly in a landscape marked by escalating automation.

Our strategy is simple yet profound: entrust AI with the execution of routine and potentially hazardous tasks, thereby liberating human talent to flourish in the realm of creativity and innovation. By championing this approach, we aim to not only enhance efficiency and safety but also nurture the innate potential of individuals to engage in the meaningful and creative aspects of their work.

In essence, AIM’s mission transcends mere technological advancement; it is a noble endeavor to reshape the future of work and society itself, fostering a coexistence where AI empowers humans to reach new heights of achievement and fulfillment.